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Recruiter Musings is an interactive blog that was started in 2009 by Michael Spiro, then President of Midas Recruiting. Its mission is to provide free advice, information, guidance and support for all types of job-seekers. Since its creation it has grown in popularity, and the total Visitor Count has exceeded 1 Million readers. The 50+ articles and topics, along with their constant flow of reader comments, have been continuously updated and are just as timely now as they ever were.  The blog continues to receive thousands of viewer hits every week and it has regular followers and subscribers from all over the world.


The following is an index of links to the most popular blog postings published here, organized by topic, that should be of particular interest to new readers:

Résumés and Cover Letters:
 The “T” Cover Letter – The Only Type Worth Sending
 The Brutal Truth on How Résumés Get Eliminated
 Explaining Short Job Stints and Employment Gaps
 The Résumé Test & Checklist: Does Yours Pass?
 Beating the Résumé-Elimination Game: Where Do Recruiters’ Eyes Go?
 The Truth About Lying on Résumés
“Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?”

 How to Network: A Step-by-Step Guide for Job Searching
 Looking for Networking in All the Wrong Places
 Targeted Networking: How to Effectively Reach Out
 The Art of Giving: the Key to Effective Networking

 Phone Interviews: Secrets, Tricks and Tips
 Face-to-Face Interviews: Secrets, Tricks and Tips
 Skype Interview Tips … Welcome to the Future!
 Nuggets: A Secret Interviewing Technique
 Answering the Dreaded Salary Question
 20 Surefire Ways to Blow an Interview
 “So, Do You Have Any Questions?” Nailing the Interview Closer
 Cool InfoGraphic: “What You Wish You’d Known Before Your Job Interview”

Age Discrimination:
 Age Discrimination: Secret Conversations Revealed
 Age Discrimination: Exposing Inconvenient Truths
 Are You “Overqualified?” Handling the Age Issue …
 Baby Boomers to the Rescue! An Idea Whose Time Has Come …
 Overcoming Job-Search Obstacles and Redefining Your Career After 50
Advice for Recent Grads and Career-Changers

Switching Jobs:
 The Proper Way to Quit a Job
 Counteroffers: Just Say No!

General Job-Seeking Advice & Information:
 The Real Truth About Working with Recruiters
 Contract/Consulting Jobs Explained … Available in 3 Different Flavors
What Recruiters Say vs. What Job-Seekers Hear
The Dirty Truth About Misleading Unemployment Statistics
Let the Jobs Find You: Making Yourself More “Searchable”
 “Help … I Need a Job!” A 9-Step Guide for Newly Minted Job-Seekers
 Avoiding the “Black Hole of HR”
 Is Your Elevator Pitch Taking You UP or DOWN?
 Time Management: Recipe for a Well-Balanced Job Search
 Getting Un-Stuck from your Rut!
 The Double-Whammy of Rejection and Isolation
 “Unemployed Need Not Apply” – Working Around This Scary Message
 Using Social Media to Enhance Job-Searching
 Warning: That Rant You Posted Just Went Viral!
 The Golden Rule for Business: Never Burn Bridges
 The Power of a Positive Attitude
 Why Job Hunting is a Consultative Sales Position
 Top 10 Most Helpful Things for Job Seekers
 Top 10 Most Annoying Things for Job Seekers
 New Year’s Resolutions for Unemployed Job-Seekers

Job-Seeking Humor:
 Comic Relief: Job-Seeking Humor – Volume 1
 Comic Relief: Job-Seeking Humor – Volume 2
 Comic Relief: Job-Seeking Humor – Volume 3
 Comic Relief: Job-Seeking Humor – Volume 4
 Comic Relief: Job-Seeking Humor – Volume 5
 Comic Relief: Job-Seeking Humor – Volume 6
 “In Transition” and Other Awkward Euphemisms
 Candidates Gone Wild: Recruiter Horror Stories

Links to all the above listed blog articles can be also be found on the right-hand sidebar of every Recruiter Musings page.

2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Obi  |  July 9, 2013 at 8:18 am

    Mike, I am glad that I visited this website since there are so many wonderful tips for career transitions and interviewing tips. Also, thanks again for coming out to the CVJS and to the Hudson club taking your valuable time presenting.

    I can’t find a thank you note example that you discussed yesterday under the index.



    • 2. Michael Spiro  |  July 9, 2013 at 8:29 am

      Thanks, Obi:

      I always enjoy speaking to job-seeking groups. With my background as an entertainer, I guess the performing “ham” in me still likes to get up and be on stage!

      I do not have thank you note examples anywhere here. The only email examples I’ve included are in the article “Targeted Networking: How to Effectively Reach Out.”



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